After a successful 2018, our Fremantle and Districts Darts Association is entering its second year of this new A-League format.

General Information

  • Nominations are now open for 2019 and will close on Thursday 31st January 2020.
  • ‘A’ League season will commence on Wednesday March 4th 2020 and finish with ‘Finals Night’ being played on Wednesday 11th
  • A maximum of 16 x players will compete in the ‘A’ League’

Note: Both successful and unsuccessful nominations will be advised by Friday 8th February 2019.

  • All games including finals are to be played at the Spearwood Dalmatinac Club, Spearwood.


  • All players must be affiliated with Darts Western Australia Inc.
  • Players No. 1 Association average for 2018 must be a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 69.99
  • Any banned or suspended players from any organization will be NOT be considered.
  • Players must play a minimum of 36 x Games (80%) to qualify for finals.
  • Fees must be paid in full for finals eligibility (See below).


  • Cost will be $230.00 for the season – Payable in advance or $10.00 per week x 23 weeks.

 Dress Code

  • Players must observe the official FDDA ‘Dress Code’ of enclosed footwear and collared shirt.

Playing Format

  • Games to commence by 6.45 p.m. each week.
  • Season will be played over 23 x ‘Qualifying Rounds’ and 1 x ‘Finals Night’.
  • Each qualifying round will consist of 2 x games (Best of 8 Legs each 501)
  • Week 23 will be one game only (Best of 8 Legs each 501).
  • 2 x Points will be awarded for each ‘Win’ and 1 x Point awarded to each player for a ‘Draw’.
  • Players must notify organizers ASAP of any non or late attendance.
  • In the event of a player forfeiting, the opposing player will be awarded a 5 – 0 win for that game Note: Player claiming the forfeit must be present on the night to claim win.
  • If both fixtured players are not present (Without notification) by 8.00 pm, a ‘Void’ game will be awarded with zero points to either player.
  • In the event of planned leave, holidays or work commitments etc. games may be played in advance at a time suitable to both players but games are NOT permitted to be played in arrears.

Note:  In the interests of promoting good sportsmanship, players are expected to make every effort to fulfil advanced game requests.  Multiple player refusals will result in Committee intervention to set aside a suitable date for both players.

  • At the completion of the 23 x ‘Qualifying Rounds’, the player with the most game points and positive leg wins will be at position number one on the ladder and the player with the next most, position number two and so on.
  • In the event of a ‘Tie’, the ‘Head to Head’ result from qualifying rounds will determine final ladder placings.
  • After the ‘Qualifying Rounds’, the games format for ‘Finals Night’ will be as per the following:


Nominations can be made by either using the nomination form below or text to Glen McLeod on 0418 929800 stating your name, No. 1 Association average and contact email/phone number.

Note: Both successful and unsuccessful nominations will be advised by Friday 8th February 2019.