Welcome to our new online registration page. We are wanting as many members as possible to register online so that we can capture some information in order for us to keep everyone up to date with all our events, tournaments, nominations, etc.

Captains or Club Presidents, if some of your players do not have access to a computer or smart phone etc,  you may register these players at the same time as registering yourself however we would encourage every individual to do their own. The form is really easy and will take you no more than 2 minutes.

Current Members

You still get to choose which club you wish to play for and once we have everyone’s information, we’ll make this available to the clubs.

New Members

If you’re looking to join a club within the FDDA for the first time, here are a few notes:

  1. It is important that you contact the Club of your choice prior to nominating online to ensure that they (a) can accommodate you and (b) have a suitable grade for your playing level.
  2. Clubs have varying fees and payment structures so it may be worth discussing these with the Club of your choice before nominating to ensure there are no surprises once you ‘Sign On’.
  3. All Clubs within the FDDA reserve the right to decline any nomination
  4. CLICK HERE to view a list of clubs and their venues


Membership Registration Form


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    Registering for season

    From the drop-down box below, choose which club or competition you are wishing to play for/in this season.

    Note - If nominating for our Premier League individual competition a minimum average of 70 is required.

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