The FDDA has a developed a long and proud history since its formation in 1935 and is currently the oldest Darts Association in Western Australia. The Association caters for dart players of all skill levels playing in and around the Fremantle area each Wednesday evening with the official season running from early March through to late August, early September.


Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
2016 Glen McLeod Phil Cummins Denise Dyer Merry Marshall
2015 Glen McLeod Phil Cummins Denise Dyer Merry Marshall

Life Members

Life Members
Glen McLeod
John Harvey
Don Gordon
Charlie Smith
Ken Congdon
John Wood
Jim Wright
Denis Sheppard
Eddie Totten
Denise Dyer
Barry Mader
Mick Keenan
Ray (Skeeta) Renfry
Brad Willis
R (Lofty) Marlow
Len Phillips
Alan Kitson
Charlie Zefara
Kim Lewis
S Bakke
D Bradbury
H Ranford
A Skinner
D Dorey
Fred Fogarty
A Higham
E Johnson
S Badham
Colin Miguel
Ron Trowbridge
Arthur Morrissey
A Collins
A Connell
Ken Tetley
J Thomas
R Holtham
D Lawson
Colin Hucker
Claude Anderson
Merv Brindley
Phil Wyatt