2016 FDDA Round Up

The 2016 Season has come to a close but what another great year of darts it was in Fremantle. Below is a summary of the Premiers, Runners Up and Highest Peg for each grade and the winners of the ‘Graded’ Singles and Doubles events throughout the year.

Open Doubles
Winners: Terry Batham & Anton Soc Hamilton Hill Mens Dart Club
Runners Up: Stephen Doherty & Caesar Vinciguerra Spearwood Dalmatinac Club

Under 60 Average Doubles
Winners: Dave Doody & Chris Owen Hamilton Hill Mens Dart Club
Runners Up: Troy Eddy & Derek Daffin Stock Road Markets Tavern

Under 50 Average Doubles
Winners: Len Antunovich & Deane Burrows Spearwood Dalmatinac Club
Runners Up: Rod Newman & Todd Lewis Cockburn RSL

Under 45 Average Doubles
Winners: Keith Huxtable & Ross Jones Willagee Rugby Club
Runners Up: Amanda Langley & Shane Stocker Spearwood Dalmatinac Club

Open Singles
Winner: Denis Parr Premier League
Runner Up: Damon Heta Premier League

Closed Singles
Winner: Brad Austen Premier League
Runner Up: Peter Sutton Premier League

Under 60 Average Singles
Winner: Phil Marshall Nomads Dart Club
Runner Up: Mitch Clark Spearwood Dalmatinac Club

Under 50 Average Singles
Winner: Rod Newman Cockburn RSL
Runner Up: Karl Beadle Nomads Dart Club

Under 45 Average Singles
Winner: Albie Mader Hamilton Hill Mens Dart Club
Runner Up: Nathan Arthur Fremantle Italian Club

Highest Peg: Tim Pusey 170 ‘Dirty Dogs’
Premiers: ‘Outlaws’
Adam Rowe, Dave Charnock, Lewis Kirk, Shaun Morrison & Harvey Mayall
Runners Up: ‘Dirty Dogs’
Damon Heta, Aaron Heta, Tim Pusey & Ossie Ford

Highest Peg: Paul Brotherston 157 Hamilton Hill Mens Dart Club
Premiers: Hamilton Hill Mens Dart Club
Gary Wilcox, Paul Brotherston, Keith Walsh & Brad Harding
Runners Up: Spearwood Dalmatinac Club (3)
Justin Sambell, Steve Baston, Jimmy Chave, David Hall & Lionel O’Brien

Highest Peg: Lee MacIntyre 112 Kardy Kats
Chris Lawson 112 Navy Club
Premiers: Navy Club
Clint Law, Luke Lawson, Greg Law, Gavin Horner, Chris Lawson, Mick Lloyd & Bob Mansom
Runners Up:
Kristina Gallacher, Charlie Lionti, Pat Gallacher, Nathan Arthur, Clive Anderson, Matt Moody & Dave Penny

Highest Peg: Frank Marchese 157 Fremantle United Soccer Club
Premiers: Willagee Rugby Club
Dave MacDonald, Colin MacDonald, Harry Abbott, Jamie Drage, Steve Strnadica,
Jeremy Brophy & Robbie Day

Runners Up: Stock Road Market Tavern

Derek Daffin, Jon Beet, Troy Eddy, Mark Pitman, Luke Eddy, Rick Bellchambers
& Jocelyn Eddy

Highest Peg: Markus Weeber 125 Kardy Kats
Premiers: Kardy Kats
Jim Mentesana, Markus Weeber, Ian Barrie, Gareth Lucy, Dave Wood & Gary Knight
Runners Up: Hamilton Hill Mens Dart Club
Danny Hicks, Elton Davies, Albie Mader, Charlie Zerafa, Gary Jones & Trevor Leggett

Highest Peg: Brian Willemsen 146 Spearwood Dalmatinac Club
Premiers: Fremantle Italian Club
Dom Cutri, Alessandro Falso, Vince Galati, Charlie Rigoli, Mick Canci, Mark Cummins,
Fred Cavallaro & Vince Falso

Runners Up: Willagee Rugby Club

Daniel Larsen, Chris Meston, Ross Jones, Keith Huxtable, Dale Misty, Casey Doorsman
& Brian Burrows

Highest Peg: Ina Akavi 100 Navy Club
Premiers: Nomad Dart Club (Black)
Martin King, Jim Meek, Adrian Millward, Karl Beadle, Dave Perkins, Merry Marshall
& Sandy Millward

Runners Up: Spearwood Dalmatinac Club

Amanda Langley, Bob King, Lyn King, Shane Stocker, Paul Riley, Pat Cooke
& Byron Langley

Highest Peg: Warren Morellini 125 Old Easts
Premiers: Old Easts
Dave Stark, Albert Attwood, John Harvey, Warren Morellini, Alex Arbuckle, Karl Rasmussen, Ellen Cable & Graham Fowler
Runners Up: Stock Road Tavern (BLUE)
Kris Greer, Stephen Loo, Dan Burgless, Craig Greer, Patrick DeHann & Mark Nodari

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Premier League Final Stats 2016

Another great year for the Premier League guys. You can download the full report shortly but here is a summary of some top stats:

Top 5 Averages

89.60 Adam Rowe

85.95 Damon Heta

83.51 Dave Charnock

79.53 Graham Parker

79.30 Dan Kelly

Most Wins

69 Adam Rowe

Most 180’s

55 Adam Rowe

44 Damon Heta

Highest Pegs

170 Tim Pusey

164 Denis Parr

161 Graham Parker and Damon Heta

160 Lewis Kirk and James McKenna

To download a full report Click Here




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Grand Final Results

Results for the Grand Finals held on 7.09.16 are as follows:

A Grade

Hamilton Hill (2) defeated Spearwood Dallies (3) 9/2

B Grade

Navy Club defeated Italian Club 6/4

B Reserve

Willagee Rugby Club Tavern defeated Stock Road Tavern 6/2

C Grade

Kardy Kats defeated Hamilton Hill 6/4

C Reserve

Italian Club defeated Willagee Rugby Club 6/5

D Grade

Nomads Black defeated Spearwood Dallies 6/5

D Reserve

Old Easts defeated Stock Road Tavern Blue 6/2

Congratulations to all teams that competed in the finals and especially those teams that won the big one.

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Prelim Finals Results

Results for the Prelim Finals held on 31.08.16 are as follows:

A Grade

Spearwood Dallies (3) defeated Spearwood Dallie (1) 9/7

B Grade

Navy Club defeated Kardy Kats 6/4

B Reserve

Stock Road Tavern defeated Cockburn RSL 6/4

C Grade

Hamilton Hill defeated Buffalo Club 6/3

C Reserve

Italian Club defeated Navy Club 6/5

D Grade

Spearwood Dallies defeated Nomads Green 6/4

D Reserve

Stock Road Tavern defeated Fremantle United 6/3

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Second Semi Finals Results

Results for the 2nd Semis (1st v 2nd) held on 24.08.16 are as follows:

Download Final Ladder – click here

A Grade

Hamilton Hill (2) defeated Spearwood Dallies (1) 9/8

B Grade

Italian Club  defeated Navy Club 6/5

B Reserve

Willagee Rugby  defeated Cockburn RSL 6/5

C Grade

Kardy Kats defeated Hamiltin Hill 6/5

C Reserve

Willagee Rugby defeated Italian Club 6/1

D Grade

Nomads Black defeated Spearwood Dallies 6/5

D Reserve

Old Easts  defeated Stock Road Tavern Blue 6/5

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First Semi Finals Results and Final Ladder

Results for the 1st Semis (3rd v 4th)  held on 17.08.16 are as follows:

Download Final Ladderclick here

A Grade

Spearwood Dallies (3) defeated Hamilton Hill (1) 9/5

B Grade

Kardy Kats defeated Buffalo Club 6/2

B Reserve

Stock Road Tavern defeated Nomads 6/4

C Grade

Kardy Kats defeated Buffalo Club 6/4

C Reserve

Navy Club defeated Spearwood Dallies 6/5

D Grade

Nomads Green defeated Hamilton Hill 6/4

D Reserve

Fremantle United defeated Willagee Rugby Club 6/4

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