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FDDA Open Doubles and Under 50 Singles Results

The FDDA had a top night last night in hosting our Open Doubles and Under 50 Average Singles.We had 10 doubles pairs and 66 singles which was a great turn out so thanks to everyone that supported the events.

As you know, there are no stats kept on the night so it’s simple task of announcing the winners and the runner ups.

Under 50 Average Singles

Winner winner chicken dinner – Alton Davies Cockburn Men’s Darts Club who I believe checked out 140 peg on the night too. Nice work Alton.

Runner Up – Gareth Hill also of Cockburn Men’s Darts Club

Alton (left) and Gareth (Right)

Open Doubles

Winners – Steve Robertson from Dallies and Dave Hall from no fixed address!

Runners Up – Gary Wilcox and Breese Gillard


Dave Hall (Left) Steve Robertson (Right)         Gary Wilcox (Left) Breese Gillard (Right)

Thanks again to everyone ion the night and a special thanks from the author of this post to Jimmy Welsh who donated $50.00 worth of gear on the night and which was picked up yours truly.

Next FDDA events are the Under 45 Average Singles and the Under 60 Doubles, both on May 3rd.

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